Cantine Spinelli


Our Story

The Spinelli homeland has always been Abruzzo and, since Vincenzo Spinelli founded the company in 1973, they have been making high quality wines that can be enjoyed by many. In the 1980s, Vincenzo’s sons, Carol and Adriano took over the business. Spinelli’s whole history is linked to the enhancement of traditional regional wines.

Our Region

Abruzzo, a mountainous region along the east coast of the Adriatic sea, has been home to wine producers for over 2,000 years. The Atessa Municipality, situated on the southern edge of Abruzzo, is where the Spinelli family lives and where they have been making wine for centuries. It is an area nestled between the Frentane hills and the Sangro River, which has always been dedicated to cultivating grapes, one of the most important cultivations in Italy thanks to exceptional terrior: a clay-limestone mixture and unique micro-climate, the result of its vicinity to the sea on one side and the peaks of Maiella on the other.

Our Vineyard

Cantine Spinelli currently produces DOC and IGT Abruzzo wines. Local grape varieties – such as Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo, Pecorino, Passerina, Cococciola – are their pride and focus. The estate owns 50 hectares of property and rents another 30 acres of property in a geographic area between the Frentane hills and the hills of Medio Sangro in the province of Chieti, an area that is particularly suitable for grape growing and one of the most important wine producing regions in Italy.

Our Wines