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Our Story

Built in 1450 to host the bishops visiting Olivetana Abbey, the villa and the cellars of Antica Fratta are the results of ambitious projects. Located in the municipality of Monticelli Brusati, at the north-eastern part of Franciacorta DOCG, we could find the first drawing in the napoleonic Registry from 1809, followed by a transformation as the structure has been held by the most nobel family of the region, as seen in a latter testimony in 1866 The People: Three generations of entrepreneurs looked after the timeless cellar with different purposes: from Luigi Rossetti, who built the cellar in 1850 for preserving his red wines, to Franco Ziliani, who began producing here the first Franciacorta vintages in 1979, followed by Luigi Birolini the current manager, still sharing one common ambition: the pursuit of excellence in all of its forms. As the Latin word «Antica» literally means «forward», they always worked with a great sense of future looking at where their ambition would have taken them.

Our Region

Lying to the south of Lake Iseo, in the heart of Lombardy, Franciacorta has a wide range of soils and site climates that make it a natural wine territory. These are very specific sand- and silt-rich soils typically poor in clay which are often considerably thick and extremely permeable. The ground is strewn with abundant stones of various shapes, types and colors which were, for centuries, used as building materials for villas, farmhouses and ‘broli’, the characteristic stone walls surrounding the area’s houses and vineyards. Franciacorta extends over nineteen municipalities, and the area is equally enthralling for its cultural heritage, history and superb countryside.

Our Vineyard

La Baroncina has started as one of the fist vineyards in Antica Fratta's properties; on heights of 250 mts above sea level they give idea exposure to south in order to gain a perfect ripening of the grapes.

Our Wines

NV Franciacorta 'Cuvee Real' Brut

2018 Franciacorta 'Essence Rose'

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