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Kellerei Kaltern

Alto Adige

Our Story

Cantina Kaltern is one of the principal wineries of Alto Adige, and the town of Kaltern itself is proud of its reputation as the most popular and best-known wine village in the region. In Kaltern, village life revolves around wine. Wine is the mission in life for many people there, one that they pursue with great passion – be it in the vineyard, in the cellar, in restaurants and bars, or in retail. What makes this village on the shores of Alto Adige’s largest natural lake, and its wine, so unique is the community behind it – the spirit, the euphoria, and the shared aspiration to draw the attention of the whole world to the wine, the village and to the natural beauty of Kaltern.

Our Region

Positioned right below Austria at the tiptop of Italy, Alto Adige lies in a ‘Y’ shaped glacial valley. Before airplanes, this little valley used to be the main passage between Italy and the rest of Europe. Because of its position as a gateway to Italy, Alto Adige was the focal point of conquests ranging from the ancient Romans to the Nazi regime. It became part of Italy in 1919 and there are up to three official languages: Italian, German and Latin. Vineyards in Alto Adige creep up the sides of glacial valleys in horizontal rows. The winery estates here are commonly called “Schloss” which is the German word for castle or chateau. Alto Adige is quite tiny at only 13,000 acres, but the region varies enough to have 7 distinct growing sub-regions.

Our Vineyard

Among Kaltern’s many vineyards, there are some very special sites. They have evolved over time and are pre-destined for certain varieties and for outstanding wines. They are sites that are worked on a sustainable basis, in some cases on organic or biodynamic lines, and with a consistent focus on quality. In the field of biodynamic viticulture, Kellerei Kaltern is a pioneer for the whole of Alto Adige. A group of members and innovators are already cultivating more than 15 hectares of land based on this special form of organic viticulture, doing groundbreaking work. In the cellar, too, these grapes are processed according to the principles laid down by Rudolf Steiner. And all of Kaltern’s wine growers avoid the use of herbicides.

Our Wines

2021 Kalterersee Classico Superiore 'Quintessenz'

2020 Kalterersee Classico Superiore 'Quintessenz'

2019 Pinot Nero Riserva 'Saltner'

2018 Chardonnay 'Saleit'

Winemaker Note

2017 Kalterersee Classico Superiore 'Quintessenz'

2016 Pinot Nero 'Saltner'

Winemaker Note
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